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Secure a Ship – recruiting now

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Secure a Ship are currently recruiting, see below list of certification and requirements, and please do not send incomplete applications. All documentation and queries to be sent to 1. SEAMAN’S BOOK 2. DISCHARGE BOOK 3. ENG 1 4. DEMONSTRABLE WEAPONS PROFICIENCY CERTIFICATE (STS or SVS Trg providers) 5. CRB (this needs to be dated […]

Kit insurance claims

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Due to a high volume of kit insurance claims recently, GMRS will not entertain any loss claims against kit lost by airlines IE: hold luggage, or kit lost due to lack of due care and attention of individuals IE: forgotten hand luggage or luggage left unattended.


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On a daily/weekly basis we receive numerous enquiries about taxation and Seafarers Earnings Deductions (SED), however as we are not accountants we are unable to answer these queries accurately. Therefore we have liaised with a specialist accountancy who work with clients in the maritime industry to provide you with some information and to answer our most frequently […]