About GMRS


Our primary expertise is in the recruitment of Maritime Security Personnel and understanding
the regulations governing the employment issues surrounding this unique industry.

We are a company that fully understands your unique needs. We are proud to offer our tailored solution to new MSO's seeking permanent employment in our expanding company.

  For more information about GMRS and our services, why not call us on:
(Dubai) 0097 14311 6678 | UK Admin number: 0203 455 0060

Excellence through experience

Our first hand experience and personal knowledge of the tax issues facing security contractors in this industry, has allowed GMRS to establish itself as the premier off shore provider catering to the unique needs of maritime security consultants. We understand exactly what is required in meeting the qualifying conditions stipulated by the regulations of HMRC, and can confidently assist you in taking advantage of our experience.

Extensive knowledge, pursuit of excellence, and attention to detail, mean we are perfectly positioned to provide a proven robust solution to all our employees.

The GMRS Difference

GMRS was established in 2011 in response to the increasing demand for a safe, reliable, and trustworthy employer for the many maritime security officers working in this growing industry. Incorporated in the Marshall Islands and operating from Dubai, GMRS is a truly off shore entity, strategically positioned to offer our MSO’s a secure base of employment which helps them qualify for the Seafarer Earnings Deduction.

We facilitate our UK based MSO’s by providing them with long term contractual employment in a legitimately recognised company which places a heavy emphasis on adhering strictly to all HMRC conditions essential in qualifying for Seafarer Earnings Deduction.