Al-Shabaab publishes alleged photograph of dead French commando

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In a series of four messages on its Twitter feed, al-Shabaab released pictures of the man lying face up on an orange surface surrounded by combat gear, including a caption with one photograph that said, “Francois Hollande, was it worth it?”

Officials in Paris had earlier warned that the militant group was planning a “macabre and disgraceful display” of the dead soldier’s body.

It is thought the soldier survived for several hours after the operations early on Saturday to try to rescue a French intelligence agent known by the alias Denis Allex, who was captured by the Islamists in 2009.

A second French soldier was killed in the raid, but a source told the AFP news agency that his body had been left at the scene as his colleagues were not able to recover it.

France has also said that Mr Allex was killed during the operation, but al-Shabaab insisted that he was still alive and in their hands, and that its leaders had “reached a unanimous verdict” on his fate, without immediately giving details.

Original Article by- Mike Pflanz

Sourced from – The Telegraph


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