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GMRS has decided that all of its contracted security operatives should become members of the Private Security Company Solutions (PSCS) International Limited DataCheck© scheme.

 GMRS has taken this step in order to:

  • Demonstrate utmost due diligence in its compliance with industry regulations and guidelines relating to screening and background checks of security personnel.
  • Contribute to the detection and deterrence of the use of fraudulent and bogus documents in the security industry.
  • Give GMRS clients an additional degree of assurance that its personnel are in all respects “fit” for employment.
  • Facilitate the global movement and real time identification and checking of security operatives.

DataCheck© is a membership scheme which operators apply to join and for which they pay an annual fee, GMRS will absorb all costs for its MSO’s  It requires operators’ qualifications, certificates and key documentation to be independently validated to the point of issue/origin.

Once the applicant’s credentials have been verified by PSCS International Ltd, he/she is issued with a 2-part ID document (similar to the UK Driving Licence).  The ID card contains a unique QR Code and both parts contain anti fraud features.

A more detailed explanation of DataCheck© is contained in PSCS International Limited’s website

GMRS takes its responsibilities as a leading provider of security personnel extremely seriously.  It also seeks to set and maintain the highest standards of compliance and practice.  GMRS recognises how DataCheck© reduces risk and it has taken the unprecedented decision to meet the cost of membership for its 1500 operatives.     

GMRS, Your Solution in Meeting Compliance

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