UPDATE FROM MCA – Following yesterdays announcement

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Over the past few days the team at Whittaker and Co have been on the phone constantly regarding the news that Maritime Security Guys will not be able to renew or obtain a Seaman’s Discharge Book following the Maritime Convention Law definitions of a seafarer document.


A spokesperson from the following team:

Seafarers & SSR Manager

Registry of Shipping & Seamen

MCA Cardiff

Anchor Court

Keen Road


CF24 5JW

Yesterday sent the following email:-

Please note that we are currently still accepting applications for seafarer’s documents from armed guards working at sea.

Following on from this and in a telephone conversation it was stated :

“That due to the impact of the initial decision not to issue Seaman’s Discharge’s Books has caused to security personal, the MCA have now concluded that they will continue to issue Discharge Books and will await any further information from their legal department.” Whittaker and Co has been invited to call for an update at any time.

We will keep you posted!!!! What can I say!

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