The GMRS Service

GMRS are privileged to offer a specialised service targeted at the maritime security industry and the MSO’s engaged in protecting vessels transiting through the high risk areas of the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea.

Our company has a tailored solution to address the unique demands made by this emerging industry.

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Full time employment with GMRS

The nature of the new maritime security industry has left many MSO’s operating under conditions and contracts which leave them vulnerable and exposed to full tax liability under UK law. Most are completely unaware that they do not qualify for the entitlement of seafarer earnings deduction*.

GMRS has addressed this concern by providing a robust all-in-one employment package which safeguards our employees and ensures all our MSO’s are fully compliant with the stringent qualifying conditions stipulated by HMRC and UK tax regulations. Providing you adhere to the other rules SED states.

Our maritime security officers have a contract of full time employment which still allows them to accept tasks from any preferred security company of their choice. So whilst contracted to our company and administered as an employee of GMRS, our MSO’s are able to deploy on security tasks assigned by any of the major agencies servicing the international shipping community.

This is a proven and reliable solution which meticulously looks after the interests of our operators, and also helps keep them inside the necessary criteria needed for the tax deduction entitlement they deserve. We’re confident that no one else gives as high a priority to your needs as we do.

Flexibility with Certainty

What we offer are all the advantages and benefits of secure full time employment with an established maritime company, yet simultaneously providing the flexibility and freedom to choose selective tasks with third party agencies who deploy security teams on board vessels.

With GMRS you can be certain of the working protection you deserve without limiting your options of when and with whom you deploy.We’ve developed our customised employment plan specifically for the expanding ranks of maritime security officers who are in need of a permanent support structure from a dedicated team who understand precisely how the industry operates. GMRS are the solution!

*Seafarer earnings deduction is the allowance which entitles seafarers to pay no income tax, and it has many strict qualifying conditions which must be met before a claim can be successfully made.


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