MCA’s decision to stop issuing MSO’s with Seaman’s Card’s

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As a result of the MCA’s decision to stop issuing MSO’s with Seaman’s Card’s, GMRS have brokered a deal with the Training Wing, who can issue Djibouti Seaman’s Card’s.

Any MSO, who is employed by GMRS, will receive a 25% discount, £225 instead of £300. To receive this discount and apply for a Seaman’s book, MSO’s must approach GMRS,, for a covering letter, to prove employment, and ensure they have the documentation listed below.

1.  Valid in date Passport
2.  2 x Passport Photo’s
3.  Valid ENG 1 Seafarer Medical Certificate
4.  Certifications for: – Personal Survival Techniques, Regulation VI/1 Section A-VI/Para      2.1.1 – Fire Fighting & Fire Prevention, Regulation VI/1 Section A-VI/Para 2.1.2 – Elementary First Aid, Regulation VI/1 Section A-VI/Para 2.1.3 – Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities, Regulation VI/1 Section A-VI/Para 2.1.4
5.  Ship Security Officer or Proficiency in Designated Security Duties certificate
6.  Clean Criminal Record Disclosure (within last 12 months)
7.  The candidate will also be required to sign a declaration and application form on arrival at TTW
All candidates will have to attend The Training Wing Offices in person to apply for a Seaman’s book, the process will take an hour.


John Cooperwhite

Managing Director

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