Tips for Ex-military Job Seekers

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Corporate culture and military culture can differ widely. When you deploy on operations you can train 6 – 12 months in preparation for your tour of duty and part of that training is learning about the local cultures and language, believe me if you wish to be successful you need do the same as a job seeker. 
When enquiring about the potential for work, don’t just post the following it doesn’t help anyone especially you:

  • I’m getting out soon any jobs going in London
  • I want to work in the xxxxxx sector anyone got any tips

Pointless questions won’t help you, they make you seem uninterested, even lazy. You must be proactive and plan your approach even when posting into a group forum.

Try using some of the following points, when putting yourself out there:

  • What line of work you are seeking
  • Location you are seeking including a commuting distance
  • Background – what service, trade, time in, experience
  • Qualifications
  • Salary expectation – be realistic
  • When are you available for work

Recruiters and those offering employment advice to the Armed Forces Community often hear the following words “I sent CV to a recruiter and heard nothing back”.

Did you do the following when you sent the CV:

  • Did you follow up your application with a phone call to ensure your CV had even been received?
  • Did you apply for a specific position?
  • Does the recruiter even deal in the area you are enquiring about?
  • Does your CV match the job that you have applied for?

If you answered no to any of the above, then start re-thinking and planning.

Be proactive in your pursuit of work, it is amazing how many people withdraw from a position because of extra paper work or will complete it without any effort. There are always hundreds of jobs cycling through our website and you would be surprised how many members don’t even complete their profile, which these employers will look at.


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